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街機地帶(美)Arcade Zone


Once upon a time, when arcades were the hottest spots for gaming, having an arcade at home was a dream. Well, arcade fans, the dream comes true with this collection of favorites for Wii! Arcade Zone brings together classics and new hits to create a gaming paradise. Go retro and try your hand at Skee Ball and Whack-a-Mole, or wrestle with the claw machine. Flash your skills in newer favorites like Cyclone, Colorama, Spin-n-Win, and more. Play in five environments, each with a resident arcade hotshot and retro video game. Score big to win tickets that you can trade for everything from oversized stuffed animals to Chinese finger traps.

Play through all the games to unlock the Arcade Master Zone for a face-off with the resident arcade legend. Classic retro video games incorporated in each zone: Freeway, Atlantis, Megamania and Kaboom! Beat the retro games and earn old-school patches. Over 150 crazy prizes to win form Chinese finger traps to hover-crafts. Gameplay uses motion sensing Wii remote to capture all the fun of arcade games! Simultaneous multi-player allows you to take on your buddies.